Wednesday, March 14, 2018


One day, all together, the sheep decided to make a rule that dogs were no longer allowed to have teeth. It was, after all, a common sense safety measure since so many sheep were harmed and eaten by tooth violence. “Baaaah... only the farmer should have teeth,” they said in unison. “No one else needs to have teeth because the farmer will take care of us.” Relunctantly, but wanting to play nice and coexist with the sheep, the sheepdogs all lined up to have their teeth pulled. Unfortunately the wolves played by different rules...

Monday, March 12, 2018


Eminem (yes, this Eminem, and, also, this Eminem) was just quoted by the Guardian as recently rapping the following lyrics: 
This whole country is going nuts, and the NRA is in our way
They’re responsible for this whole production
They hold the strings, they control the puppet
And they threaten to take donor bucks
So they know the government won’t do nothing and no one’s budging
Gun owners clutching their loaded weapons
They love their guns more than our children
This is interesting to me because I also recall some other Eminem lyrics from the Chronic 2001 album:
Eminem: I mean it dawg, you ever need somebody offed whose throat is it? 
Dr. Dre: Well if you ever kill that Kim bitch, I'll show you where the ocean is.
Eminem: Well that's cool, and I appreciate the offer
But if I do decide to really murder my daughter's momma
I'ma sit her up in the front seat and put sunglasses on her
And cruise around wit her for seven hours through California
And have her wavin at people (Hi!) Then drop her off on the corner
at the police station and drive off honkin the horn for her
Raw dawg, get your arm gnawed off
Drop the sawed off and beat you wit the piece it was sawed off of
Fuck blood, I wanna see some lungs coughed up
Get shot up in the hot tub til the bubbles pop up
and they nose and cough snot up, mucus in hot water
There would appear to be some inconsistency in Eminem's approach toward the ownership and use of firearms. You cannot publicly threaten to use a firearm to graphically murder and desecrate the corpse of your child's mother, and then claim to love children more than a gun rights advocacy group.

If Mr. Eminem feels that the NRA is in his way, that is absolutely true. The NRA, GOA, SAF, and countless other gun rights advocacy groups exist in large part to promote the ability of innocent, law abiding people (e.g. "that Kim bitch") to defend themselves from the type of brutal, premeditated murder and victimization that Eminem himself advocates in his music.

If Eminem loves children so much, one wonders when he might release a song with similar lyrics about Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers. I'll be waiting for that day on the edge of my seat.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Intellectual Dishonesty of Heather Sher, MD

Heather Sher, gun prohibitionist MD
Heather Sher is a Florida radiologist who helped treat the victims of the Parkland school massacre, and who recently decided to write an intellectually dishonest and misinformed article for the Atlantic about her experience, advocating for the prohibition of the AR-15 rifle, and proving to be yet another person who has received so much education that her ability to process reality has become diseased.

A medical professor taught me about the dangers of drawing incorrect conclusions from data, using the example of gum chewing, smokers, and lung cancer. He said smokers may be more likely to chew gum to cover bad breath, but one cannot look at the data and decide that gum chewing causes lung cancer,” said Sher, who then proceded to exhaust her entire 15 minutes of fame (built on a pile of dead children) blaming lung cancer on bubble gum.

Simultaneously acknowledging that mass shootings have been perpetrated using handguns while declaring that a prohibition of the AR-15 rifle would have prevented those mass shootings from occurring, Sher's assertion initially appears to be that the AR-15 is far deadlier than any other weapon available to the public: “The bullets fired by an AR-15 are different: They travel at a higher velocity and are far more lethal than routine bullets fired from a handgun . . .The high-velocity bullet causes a swath of tissue damage that extends several inches from its path. It does not have to actually hit an artery to damage it and cause catastrophic bleeding. Exit wounds can be the size of an orange.” That rifle cartridges impart different wound patterns from handgun cartridges, primarily as a factor of their velocity, is a revelation only to a person who has just recently taken an interest in this topic (it is equally relevant to point out that vehicles used in truck ramming attacks impart different wound patterns from firearms). The entire world, outside of liberal politics, has known this for decades. The 5.56 mm cartridge native to the AR-15, and other rifle cartridges, may yaw and spall in tissue, and the cavitation caused by rifle projectiles damages surrounding tissues by stretching them beyond their limit.

But rifles vs. pistols is a red herring, and unfortunately Sher's apparent unfamiliarity with firearms has lead her to conflate the terminal ballistics of a cartridge with the weapon itself. Many rifle cartridges are capable of this level of damage, including many rifle cartridges which are not chambered in the AR-15 platform. The 5.56 and its .223 Rem counterpart are not synonymous with the AR-15. Many other firearms are chambered in 5.56 or .223, and the AR-15 platform can be chambered for many other cartridges. And at this, Sher's argument becomes something else: “It’s clear to me that AR-15 and other high-velocity weapons, especially when outfitted with a high-capacity magazine, have no place in a civilian’s gun cabinet." Emphasis added.

Perpetuating the lie that lawfully purchased semi-auto firearms with so-called high capacity magazines are required for mass murder, Sher cloaks her argument in the mainstream, “common sense” idea of prohibiting sales of the AR-15 (and - by her description of taking “AR-15 style weapons out of the hands of civilians,” - Sher additionally advocates for confiscation). This quickly degrades into an extremist argument by Sher against all rifle ownership by any but a select few chosen agents of the inner party.

Rather than focusing on identifying and helping the mentally ill, or permitting armed people their ability to put down monsters when they fall through the gaping cracks in the system and begin murdering people en masse (a clear, historical illustration that it is an unreasonable expectation of government to protect us from the evil acts of a deranged, sociopathic few), Sher would have malum prohibitum victim disarmament laws created to strip good people of their most effective means of defense, with no mention of how many good people she would prefer to see turned into felons in the process. It is not clear how Sher proposes to remove the countless millions of rifles from the hands of private citizens; who will be charged with the risky business of their removal; or how many compliant gun owners she expects will simply hand them over without argument.

Sher is effectively arguing the side of the British, when Major Pitcairn lead hundreds of troops to seize weapons from colonists on April 19, 1775. Weapons in the hands of the colonists is a frightening prospect for tyrants. You cannot subjugate an armed population determined to breathe free. Sher should be intellectually honest and call her gun confiscation utopia dream by its better description: Revolutionary War II.

In the words of gun blogger Joe Huffman, don’t ever let anyone tell you no one wants to take your guns.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

This is not good

All time referrals to this site from

Not sure what to make of this. I just really hope they're the glittery vampires and not the ones from Blade.

Google AdNonsense

I found this on my own webpage's Google AdSense content:

What a load of crap.

Monday, March 5, 2018

How to build a featureless AR-15

I found a great article today called "How to build a featureless AR-15", so gun owners living in places like California and Massachusetts can own a version of America's Rifle without having to register with their state governments like sex offenders. 

I also have some ideas for how to convert your normal AR-15 into a featureless AR-15:

1) Stick the barrel in your mouth
2) Pull the trigger

The fact that you are attempting to research how to make your rifle less effective in order to comply with unconstitutional, draconian gun control edicts instead of voting with your feet and ensuring that not one cent of your tax money ends up in the hands of tyrants leads me to believe that we would all be better off without you consuming our free air. You are not an American and you never were one. Please decide right now to become an adult man or woman and stop being weak, or remove yourself from the gene pool as quickly and efficiently as you can. 

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen."
- Samuel Adams 

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Rinella's Sign

The dashing yet pigment challenged
Captain Halleman demonstrating Rinella's sign.

A couple few years ago I ran on a typical geriatric sick person call. The patient was experiencing general weakness which caused him mobility difficulties, and had suffered several ground level falls in the prior week without seeking treatment. Upon exam the pt had a mildly sore neck; jaundiced skin;  and a large, distended belly. He was unaware of being diagnosed with any liver issues. He did not have any numbness or paralysis in his extremities.

We helped the patient onto the stretcher and I kicked the call down to the BLS level. As the EMTs wheeled the patient out to the ambulance on his bumpy, unimproved driveway I noticed the patient gripping his neck with both of his hands as if to brace his head upright. I recalled a friend of mine from medic school miming one of his patients with a broken neck doing this, and so I threw a c-collar on the patient before leaving, just in case.

I later received a follow up that the patient was diagnosed with a neck fracture, and cancer which had presumably weakened his bones (in addition to causing liver failure). After pulling this case for review I began speaking with other people who have observed this similar phenomenon, including Dr. Jamie Karambay who once diagnosed a neck fracture after observing a patient holding up her own forehead while drinking from a water fountain. 

Sometimes people with broken necks, who don't yet know they have broken necks, self splint their fracture by creating an anatomical c-collar with cupped hands on either side of their neck. After scouring the internet I have been unable to find reference to this behavior, and so I now unashamedly dub this Rinella's Sign. The combination of neck pain, trauma mechanism, and Rinella's Sign creates a syndrome now called Rinella's Triad

I am not aware of anyone having named this medical sign prior to me, but if you do see it mentioned somewhere in the literature please let me know. Also, if you are reading this and believe yours to be the rightful name of this sign, then I see no other way to resolve this...... I challenge you to a duel,  and God will decide.